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A lecturer from Computer Engineering Department participate in a research discussion at the Sixth International Scientific Conference of Al-Mustansiriya University

Lecturer Latifa Abdullah Daoud from Computer Engineering Department at the University of Technology participated in the sixth international scientific conference held by Al-Mustansiriya University under the title “Rational Leadership and Sustainable Development Ways of Iraqi Economic Reform"

The title of her research:

(Statistical analysis of modeling the condition causing the exploration of juveniles and their relationship to their crimes in Baghdad)

The aim of this study is to use the statistical program and conduct statistical analysis to identify the factors that most affect child labor and determine the results in order to develop appropriate solutions to reduce the spread of this phenomenon.

The researcher concluded that the first role of raising juveniles' stems from the social situation of the juvenile himself, the mother role comes first in raising juveniles and maintaining family stability, living income, and self-sufficiency. As for the political pivot, it came as a complement to family stability in relation to the previous pivots.

The researcher concluded that the internal environment represented by the juvenile’s family has the first and greatest role in the juvenile’s personality, whether positive or negative, as it had more than 50% influence on the juvenile’s personality and that the cultural level of the mother represents the most influential factor in the family.
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