Preparatory school graduates

1-  Iraqi nationality.

2- Holder of Iraqi preparatory study certificate (Scientific / Biology and Applied) and their submission to the departments as shown in Table No.1:


The Department

The Branch of Preparatory School


Civil Engineering Department

Scientific / Applied


Electromechanical Engineering Department

Scientific / Applied / Biology


Computer Engineering Department

Scientific / Applied / Biology


Petroleum Engineering Department

Scientific / Applied


Biomedical Engineering Department

Scientific / Applied / Biology


Computer Science Department

Scientific / Applied / Biology


Applied Science Department

Scientific / Applied / Biology


Mechanical Engineering Department

Scientific / Applied / Biology


Electrical Engineering Department

Scientific / Applied


Computer and Science Engineering Department

Scientific / Applied / Biology except Mechatronics Engineering


Production Engineering And Metallurgy Department

Scientific / Applied / Biology


Chemical Engineering Department

Scientific / Applied / Biology


Materials Engineering Department

Scientific / Applied / Biology


Laser and Optoelectronics Engineering Department

Scientific / Applied / Biology


Architectural Engineering Department

Scientific / Applied


Communications Engineering Department

Scientific / Applied / Biology


3-The student's age should not be more than (24 years), and he/she must be a graduate of the current academic year or the previous academic year who did not show a central admission, provided that they are not enrolled in evening or private studies.

4-Pass the medical examination according to the conditions of the study.

5-the student should have a full-time study and it is not allowed to combine the job and study (at the same time) in the morning colleges and institutes. This includes all government institutions’ employees. For their continuity of study, they are required to obtain a study leave from their institutes, starting in accordance with the valid instructions, and it is not permitted to combine the two studies as well, and in case it is proved, the ministry will be informed to cancel the acceptance.

6-The Graduates of:

-  The current academic year.

-  The previous academic year graduates who do not have a central acceptance in any college or institute, and they are accepted according to the minimum limits of their graduation year.

7- Non-Iraqi students who have an Iraqi Preparatory school certificate and center admission are notified to go to the Ministry’s Foreign Affairs Division to indicate their exception or demand for tuition fees in foreign currency.

8-The admission will be according to the competition’s principle in total scores among students until the admission plan is fulfilled

9-For selection purpose, 8% is calculated for foreign language scores, and added to the student’s total.

10-An additional grade is calculated on the average for first-round graduates, except for (students included in the system of attempts).

11-Students from martyrs’ families are accepted with a difference (42 points maximum) from the students accepted under the above controls through the Martyrs Foundation.


The Top 10% of institutes graduates:

1-Top (10%) is calculated for each discipline separately, with compute the fraction of the number for the student benefit, (Example: In the feild in which the number of first-round graduates is "43" students, "5" students are nominated).

2-يThe data of the students mentioned above are received through the electronic portal of the Studies, Planning and Follow-up Department.

2-The above admission rate includes graduates of the second round of cases in which the exams of the first round are postponed to the second round for absolutely serious reasons and according to the article (10) of the valid exam instructions’ No. 134 for 2000, in case that their rates are not less than the minimum admission average in the first round.

3-Graduates of morning institutes are admitted in morning colleges and graduates of evening institutes in evening colleges according to the corresponding or near specializations, and no more than (10%) of the admission plan.

4- Index no. (1) Includes the corresponding specializations.

5-Competition takes place between the top (10%) of graduates of similar specializations by determining the sequences (firsts, seconds, thirds etc. and so on) and competition takes place between one sequence according to the graduates ’desires and the average of each of them.

6-يThose who have been excluded from admission to the morning studies when competing with their peers and according to the admission plan, are permitted to apply for evening studies if available.

7- the students’ admission for the current academic year is only from graduates of the previous year.

8-The student does not have the right to combine study and job.

9-In case that the student draws because of his desire to be assigned after issuing admission orders, the Studies, Planning and Follow-up Department is authorized to cancel his admission and prevent him from applying within the admission channels for a four years period.

10-. The students admitted to the first (10%) channel do not include the institutes under the age requirement, since their admission is exclusively in their graduation year.

11-The student has no right to change his admission point if his admission is correct and on the basis of his options, hierarchy and average, and he has no right to amend the nomination in the following year.

12-The student is admitted in the first stage in the corresponding departments.


Distinguished graduates

1- The candidate must be born in 1980 onwards

2- To have an actual service, no less than two years until 1/10/2020.

3- Employees with a technical diploma are nominated for admission to the corresponding colleges.

4- The employee nominated for admission to engineering colleges must have not less than 75%.

5- The employee is nominated for admission exclusively from his institute, and his candidacy is an initial approval to have the study leave.

6- . It is not permitted to nominate a person whose registration has already been terminated, or who has a previous admission and terminated within the various other admission channels (evening, direct, the top 10% etc.) except for those whose terminated at his request for assigned purposes, so it is allowed to nominate after 4 years, if the termination is in the college, regarding to the article 19 repeated of the Exam Instructions No. 134 of 2000 and article 20 of the same instructions

7- The data of admitted nominates for colleges and institutes from the authorizations’ and through the electronic portal of the Studies, Planning and Follow-up Department.

8- Nominates are admitted within the corresponding specializations as shown in index No. (1), according to the admission plan and the competitive rate.

9- The study leave (Granting or extending) is under the candidate’s institution approval, and this approval is sent for the university that the employee accepted, and a copy of the letter is sent to the Studies, Planning and Follow-up Department for informing only and during the first half of the academic year, otherwise, the admission is considered terminated.

10-The competitive rate is counted on the basis of (70%) from the graduation average of the institute and (30%) according to the evaluation obtained in the preference form, index No2.

11-The employee who has study leave is not permitted to change his admission point if his admission is correct and based on his options and the rate, and he is not allowed to modify the nomination choice in the following year.

12- An employee who is in study leave has the permission to transfer in academic years after the first one, according to the transfer instructions’ and the approval of his institute, and the ministry should be informed.

13-In the event that it is proven the admitted employee is one of those who had previously been terminated, according to what was mentioned in Paragraph (F) above, it should written to the Ministry to cancel his admission of outstanding channel.

14- In the case that it is proven the employee gained a previous admission within the other admission channels and does not cancel his admission from them until he is accepted within the outstanding channel, it is written to the Ministry to cancel his admission within the outstanding channel and leave his institute to grant him a study leave or not within the first admission channel.

15- Students are accepted in the first year in the corresponding faculties considering what is mentioned in Appendix No (2), which includes determining the academic stage without the need for a scientific clearing, and the student’s passing grade is counted according to Article (16 / third) of Exam Instructions No. 134 of 2000 and its modifiers’.

16- In the event that the student withdraws for any reason after issuing acceptance orders, it should be sent to the Studies, Planning and Follow-up Department to cancel his acceptance and prevent him from applying within the four-year admission channels.

17- The families of martyrs applying for admission to this channel are excluded from the age and service conditions. For the average, the same general conditions mentioned for the martyrs' families are approved in the Student Affairs Procedures Manual and acceptance instructions and its Conditions for the academic year 2020/2021.


Equivalent certificates

1- The applicant should be born in 1996 upwards and a Preparatory school graduate of the two branches (biotic / applied) for the admission year or the previous academic year, and the application is done through the electronic portal.

2- The first student of vocational preparations outside Iraq (for each country and discipline separately) is accepted to the corresponding or near specialization in public universities and exclusively through the Central Admission Department / Expatriate Division.

3- An expatriate student is allowed to apply to evening studies through the Central Admission Department / Expatriates Division, exclusively.

4- The expatriate student from the martyrs families has the right to apply to study on any of the available admission channels (morning or evening study) similar to the students who graduated from preparatory school inside Iraq, in case that they are not among who get benefit in the previous year of admission to the channel of martyrs families (evening or private studies) regarding of 42 degree difference or less from the lowest score is accepted in the scientific feild within the central admission for the academic year 2020/2021.

5- Expatriates’ students are subject to the same instructions that students studying inside Iraq, except for the privilege of the added language and the privilege of first-round graduates.

6- The student submits the documents listed below and a copy of it is sent to the Ministry's centre for auditing purposes:

  • The original preparatory school, documented certification, and  Colour copies (3).
  • Certificate equivalency book letter issued by the Ministry of Education with a colour copy, includes the average and the total obtained, and the date issue is in the same year in which the student applies for admission.
  • The student ID and Iraqi nationality certificate (or national card) with a colour copy.
  • The original copy of passport and a colour copy (visa and residency of that country), or a proof of the student’s existence outside Iraq from the Ministry of Immigration and Displacement (who do not have a passport).

7- Checking the validity of the documents’ issue of the admitted students who gained equivalent certificates by the university in coordination with the Department of Studies, Planning and Follow-up, and not later than the end of the second academic year, with a guarantee to be submitted until the validity of the issuance is received, otherwise the student's graduation documents are withheld.


Non- Iraqi Students


1-The student should have a preparatory certificate or its equivalent.

2-Non-Iraqi student certificate shall be matched from the Iraqi Ministry of Education / General Directorate of Assessment and Examinations.

3-No more than three years should have passed since the student graduated from high school regarding the channels of cultural exchange and the sons and wives of diplomats who work in Iraq, and no more than four years for private channel applications in the morning studies except those who admitted in the evening studies.

4-The student have to fulfill the minimum admission limit in the department he/she wishes to study according to the options in the applications form and the order of applicants' desire provided that the minimum admission rate is 80%.

5-The same tuition fees are paid by students admitted to morning special government studies for those students applying for admission to morning studies – private channel, while the evening applicants should pay the same fees of evening studies.

6-The admitted students in evening studies are expected from graduation year.

7-A health certificate confirming that the applicant is free from diseases and success in the medical examination should be presented according to the conditions of each study.

8-The student or the official entity nominated him/her shall pay the annual registration fee at the beginning of each academic year in foreign currency or its equivalent in Iraqi Dinars according to what is agreed on the executive program between the two countries.


Private Government Education

Students are admitted in the morning studies on the private channel according to following:-

1-Should fulfill all the conditions related to central admission.

2-Students who are graduates from preparatory schools in the last two academic years

(2018-2019, 2019-2020) have the right to apply in the private channel regardless of whether or not they have admission or they have previously enrolled in the evening or private studies..

3- The average of the applicant in the above channel should not be less than four degrees for the minimum admission in engineering departments and five degrees for the minimum admission in the departments of computer science and applied sciences.

4-The previous admission of student will be cancelled (Central, Direct, Evening or Private) in case of start studying within this channel and has no right to back to previous admission in any case.

5-The maximum tuition fees (all stages) are as follows :

-   Petroleum technology and architecture departments                                      3000000

-    Engineering departments except  Petroleum technology and architecture        2250000

-   Computer sciences and applied sciences departments                                    1500000

Note:  students who are continuing their studies and new students within the morning studies of special government education channel for all stages are 50% discharged of the fees approved above only for the academic year 2020-2021 and paid in three tuitions.

6-The university council has the authority to determine the tuition fees less than the fees approved above for students admitted in the same academic year.

7-A committee headed by vice-president for scientific affairs and the membership of the director of legal affairs department, the director registration and students affairs department, the director of the financial affairs department and hosting the head of the concerned department to study the requests of determining the tuition fees for humanitarian cases, and the university believe it is necessary to do such and no less than 75% form the approved tuition.

8-This admission plan is in addition to the central admission and not part of it.

9-Seats of this admission plan for this channel is 75% for the current graduate students and 25% for the previous academic year graduates.

10-Students are distributes on the departments after re-ordering them from the highest to the lowest averages and the approved plan for each department according to the rates mentioned in the paragraph (i) above.

11-Students have the right to submit transfer requests to the corresponding collages in other universities within the same channels, taking into account the transfer regulations provided that 125% of tuition fees for the year of transfer is obtained and distrusted by 50% to the university that the student is transferred from and 75% to the university that the student is transferred to. The same percentage of 125% obtains for the rest stages and distributed as (25% of the tuition fees for the university that the students is transferred from and 100% to the university that the students is transferred to.)

12-The treatments below are approved for students admitted to the channel as follows:

- Students admitted to this channel have the right to cancel their admission in the same year of admission to complete their study inside Iraq in the colleges( government evening, private colleges, colleges belong to the tow endowments ) our outside and the fees are collected as follow:

First:  no tuition fees are obtained from the student in case he/she requests admission cancellation after admission directly and no more than 10 days.

Second: obtain 10% of the tuition fees in case the student requests admission cancellation according to para. "First" and no more than 30 day.

Third: obtain 25% of the tuition fees in case the student requests admission cancellation after admission directly no more than 40 day.

-The tuition fees for the repeaters in some lessons and those continue the studying in the same department are counted as follow:

The fees= the annual ration multiplied by (the total number of lessons' units in which the student failed divided by the total number of lessons' units for the academic year).

-10% of the tuition fees are obtained from students who are postponed their studies in all academic stages.

-Students whose admission has been terminated for the current or previous year have the right to submit a return request to the same admission in the same gate.

13-No amount shall be obtained of the tuition fees for repeaters or postponed students when they want to terminate their admissions and withdraw the academic document in the beginning of the next year to their admission to enroll one of the two studies (evening or private) or the collages related to the endowments or other collage in the same channel.

14-It is possible to divide the tuition fees to tow parts or more provided that the first part of fees must paid during the registration period and remain amount is determine by the department council provided that all amount before the next academic year.

The first student in the private morning government education channel and has very good in the first academic year is free form tuition fees during the rest years of studying and being on the public channel.

The student admitted in the above channel have the right to use the privilege of transfer the sons of faculty members.

The student can apply to more than 10 collage and institute.

The university council has the authority to discuss and take the accurate decisions in the new cases to facilitate the application private morning government education within the regulations.  

A- General Terms For Applying:-


  • Iraqi Nationality.
  • Having Iraqi Preparatory Certificate for both branches (Biology or Applied) for years (2016-2017, 2017- 2018, 2018-2019, 2019-2020) or for two branches scientific & industrial for academic year (2003-2004) upwards. Theses certificates should be enhanced with validation from general education directorate in the governorate or an equivalent certificate, considering what would be mentioned in items (4, 5) below.
  • Current graduates of this study year have the right to get same privileges which have been given to their peers applied for central admission when calculating the total for preference purposes.
  • The required applicant of preparatory graduates (Scientific, Applied & Biology) should have average not less than 70% to be admitted in Engineering Dept. and not less than 65% to be admitted in scientific Depts. The university council has been authorized to reduce minimum averages to be not more than 3 marks according to the need of the governorate and the university, regarding independence of decisions for each university.
  • Vocational preparatory graduate can apply for evening studies in Engineering Dept. according to similar specialties and their percentage should not increase 10% of admission plan for similar Dept. and the rate is not less than 70%.
  • Graduates of previous years from institutes can apply for study top 10 graduate students of evening study to be admitted in the Depts. According to similar specialties through the ministry exclusively.
  • The university can accept its employees in evening studies after the Dept. approval where they work in and according the university at the required specialty for study, regarding dependent instructions.
  • Cancelled students in morning studies can apply for evening studies in Depts. That they have not been cancelled in. their cancellation should not include (Cheating or punished disciplinary), regarding they should fulfill the other general conditions.
  • Cancelled students in evening studies can apply in other evening studies and should not have been cancelled in the same morning study of the same Dept., their cancel should not be (Cheating or punished disciplinary), regarding they should fulfill the other general conditions.
  • Graduates of (Applied & Scientific) can apply for and Dept. attached table (1), concerning (Biology branch cannot apply for (Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Petroleum Technology and Mechatronics Engineering).
  • Students who have completed the registration procedures in central admission cannot apply for evening study unless they submit written cancel requests and cannot get back to central admission once more, regarding what have been mentioned in para. (6) – (item-1) from Chapter (8) in his application for evening studies in the same Dept.
  • Non – Iraqi students (Residents) will be accepted primarily in the evening studies who hold Iraqi preparatory certificate. They should follow up with the ministry to be exempted from tuition fees in foreign currency and would be treated equally as Iraqi students within (30) days from issuing their admission order. The students will take all responsibility to go on his/her study without getting an exemption letter of tuition fees.
  • 5% of admission plan will be allocated for the faculty sons.
  • Acceptance rate of martyrs' families would have 5% of the plan for each Dept. and for each of the categories (the families of the martyrs of the crimes of the former Baath Party), the families of the martyrs of the popular crowd, the families of victims of military operations, military errors and terrorist operations and the wounded who are covered by law (57 for 2015). The application for the evening studies by the student to the martyrs' foundation directly according to the assigned procedure of the Ministry.
  • The category covered by the Divan order (122) for ( 2017) victims' families ( Faili Kurds) , they can apply for evening studies 5% increasing rate over the specified plan according to the similar specialty. An exemption of the average to compete among each other. These should be authorized by certain bodies for the above mentioned category.
  • The ministers and those of their rank, members of the Council Representatives, those of special degrees, General Managers, Provincial Council Members and Municipal Councils have no right to apply for evening studies.
  • A written undertaking should be taken from the applicant for evening studies, contains non-including in special degrees as mentioned above in item (16) according to attached form. Incase it's been proven, otherwise admission will be cancelled and the ministry will be informed.
  • All admitted students (previous years, recent students in the evening study) are included to provide in the written undertaking referred in above item (17), otherwise the concerned Dept. will take the responsibility.
  • Specifying 100% of reserved admission plan in evening studies to cope with withdrawals, not following up registration procedures and transfer in study to ensure of carrying out all admission plan. In case the plan did not succeed, students can be registered directly, regarding what mentioned in above item (4).

Registration students will be stopped when the number is completed according to the planned number covered by admission plan.

  • The employees of the armed forces, the Intelligence Service, The Internal Security Forces and Security Forces and Security Services are committed to bring a letter of No – Objection approval from their offices to be admitted in the evening studies/ General Admission Channel.

B‌-Tuition fees :

  1. The maximum fees for students admitted for the academic year 2020/2021 are as follows:

Departments (Petroleum, Biomedical) 3,000,000

Other engineering departments 2,250,000

Scientific departments 1,500,000

  1. The students who are currently attending the evening study are included in paying the fees specified above.
  2. The supervisory committee may reduce the tuition fees by a percentage not exceeding 10% from the maximum indicated above, based on recommendation from the concerned department.
  3. Tuition fees are not collected until making sure that the student’s admission or continuation of the study conforms to the instructions and regulations in force, otherwise the scientific department bears full responsibility.
  4. in case that the student withdraws or postpones his study, the tuition fees shall be paid in accordance with the provisions of paragraphs (third and fourth) of Article (10) of the Evening Study Instructions No. 135 of 2000.
  5. The supervising committee on evening studies shall consider reducing the tuition fees for faculty members in universities, their sons, their employees, and the Ministry’s center employees who are enrolled in evening studies, with no more than 50% fifty percent of the approved fees, including contracted employees in accordance with Resolution No. 603 of 1987.
  6. Evening studies fees are reduced by 50% for the first student on the department, 30% for the second student on the department, and 20% for the third student on the department for the following academic year. The supervising committee has the authority to reduce according to the instructions.

C- Submission Mechanism (Table 1-A)

- The application is to be submitted through the electronic system (via the Internet).

- The student creates an account using the exam number and a special password of his choice.

- The student establishes his options as desired in sequence.

An electronic form is withdrawn from the system for the purpose of validation and stamping by the school.

The student reviews the admission centers in the scientific departments

  Electronic form delivers after filling it out and stamping it by the school.


C- General regulations

  1. The same announced university calendar is approved for morning studies.
  2. Education will be integrated for the academic year 2020/2021 in the event the Corona pandemic continues and according to the decisions of the Crisis Cell, and in the event of the return of the attendance work, the official working hours are from 2.30 pm to 7 pm.
  3. Commitment that the performance of the final examinations be standardized (with the same copy of the questions) for the morning and evening studies, the first and second rounds, and for all academic stages, and the department bears all legal consequences if this is not implemented.
  4. The admission plan for evening studies (the general admission channel) for the department is equal to the plan for admission to the corresponding section in the morning study.
  5. The percentage granted to all other admission channels within the evening studies political prisoners / admission (according to Law No. 15 of 2016 and etc.) is in addition to the admission plan and not part of it.
  6. Independent committees are formed for admission of students in the departments headed by the Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs and Students and the membership of the Director of Registration, the Legal Director and the Director of Finance in the department and whoever the department deems appropriate, provided that its members have experience with admission instructions and controls in the evening study to supervise, monitor and follow up the student registration process And the preparation of all the necessary requirements and these committees bear full responsibility in the event of any defect, and their formation is a prerequisite for opening the door for admission to evening studies and is responsible for issuing admission orders and the university undertakes the formation of a central committee headed by the assistant president for scientific affairs, the director of the registration and student affairs department, the legal director and the director of finance Whoever it deems appropriate to supervise, monitor and follow up the admission process and prepare all the necessary requirements, the University’s Department of Registration and Student Affairs shall monitor and evaluate the work of these committees.
  7. The department is responsible for creating decent halls and places to receive students applying for evening studies and providing the best technical means - if possible - taking into account the selection of reception committees and staff from those who are known for their experience and professionalism and love to provide public service to citizens, taking into account social distancing and providing the requirements for sterilization and fumigation, with announcing dates. The reception, its periods, and the controls of acceptance and competition, are clear and accurate, and the committees specified in accordance with paragraph (6) above shall follow up and supervise that.
  8. The sons of faculty members holding academic titles have the right to choose (branch) if they are accepted according to their total in the first academic year, similar to their peers admitted to the morning study in the event that they do not benefit from the privilege mentioned in item (A-13).
  9. The student admitted to evening study and who obtained the first order for his specialization in the first grade with a very good grade includes the controls for moving from a department with lower requirements to a department with higher requirements within the same evening study within the university exclusively and as shown in the attached table.
  10. University orders related to the admission of students are issued no later than (17/1/2021). The scientific departments must take into account the issuance of their administrative orders for admission along with sending the students' documents for the purposes of checking the university registration before the aforementioned date and once the admission procedures are completed.



UOT Evening Study Departments that the students can apply Table No.1:

No. The Department The Branch of Preparatory School
1 Civil Engineering Department  Scientific / Applied
2 Electromechanic Engineering Department Scientific / Applied / Biology
3 Computer Engineering Department Scientific / Applied / Biology
4 Petroleum Engineering Department Scientific / Applied
5 Biomedical Engineering Department Scientific / Applied / Biology
6 Computer Science Department Scientific / Applied / Biology
7 Applied Science Department  Scientific / Applied / Biology
8 Mechanical Engineering Department Scientific / Applied / Biology
9 Electrical Engineering Department Scientific / Applied
10 Computer and Science Engineering Department Scientific / Applied / Biology except Mechatronics Engineering 
11 Production Engineering And Metallurgy Department Scientific / Applied / Biology
12 Chemical Engineering Department Scientific / Applied / Biology
13 Materials Engineering Department Scientific / Applied / Biology
14 Laser and Optoelectronics Engineering Department

Scientific / Applied / Biology



Table No. 2

The specializations available for the first students to transfer to in the following year


College / departments with minimum requirements

اCollege / Department of Higher Requirements









Biomedical engineering

Applied Chemistry

Chemical engineering

Mathematics and computer applications

Information engineering

Applied Physics

electrical engineering

Laser Physics

Laser engineering and optoelectronics


Material engineering

the computer

Computer Engineering / Computer Engineering and Control

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