Tuesday, 18 July 2023 09:31

Environmental Research Center hold a seminar about polymeric sensor for detecting chemicals

Environmental Research Center at the University of Technology held seminar included a lecture entitled “A Polymeric Sensor for Detection of Chemicals Causing Hormonal Disorders in Environmental Applications”, delivered by the Head of Sustainable Development Department at the Center, Dr. Abbas Jawad Kahdim, in the presence of the Director of the Center, Prof. Dr. Zainab Bahaa Mohammed, the faculty and employees of the center.

The lecture included an illustration of how the detection of testosterone in aqueous solutions is a difficult task due to its low concentrations, which are important in environmental and physiological samples. The current analytical methods are expensive and complex, and to solve this problem, we manufactured a molecularly catalyzed photosensitizer for the detection of testosterone in water, where the sensor was obtained in the form of a film using the colloid crystal technique, and regular silica particles with an average diameter of 330 nm were used to obtain suspended crystals by sedimentation vertical, then the polymerization solution was prepared by reacting acrylic acid with testosterone as a catalyst template. The silica particles were removed by fluoric acid and the testosterone was dissolved from the polymer by a suitable solvent, in addition to studying the properties of the material by (FTIR) and (SEM).

The results showed that the MIPs show high selectivity to the pollutant, a time to reach saturation equivalent to 30 minutes and stability after use and regeneration for at least six cycles, as well as the reflectance spectrum of the sensor showed a shift in the scattering peak that correlates it with the concentration of testosterone in the range of 5-100 
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