workshop about marketing and e-marketing

Innovative Students Club, in cooperation with a developer team at the University of Technology, hold a free online workshop about marketing and e-marketing, presented by the trainer and marketing expert (Mustafa Muwafaq)

Mr. Mustafa is a business consultant, marketing manager, and a graduate of English translation.

He has several certificates in marketing from Google and Meta and has a lot of experience in the private sector with international companies, including Zain Iraq

oodi, NBI. He has several projects, including the Dream Marketing Agency.

During the workshop, young people will be helped to find the best suitable opportunity for them in the labor market, when the workshop includes

   .- Training students to define their mission, vision and values

 - What are marketing and its secrets and mysteries?

 - The difference between marketing and sales.

   - What's the online marketing?

   - What is content marketing?


  8:00 PM


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