University's president




Prof. Dr. Imad Hussain Merza Al Hussaini

Chancellor of the University

President of the University of Technology Speech

To The Heads of The Departments, faculty members, Employees and Enhancing staff


Within an optimistic scientific atmosphere aiming  at redirecting and  strengthening the educational process with reassurance to achieve its scientific sobriety  towards the reliability  of the graduates specifications consistent with the labor market, expressing the will of the productive university according to the need of the community within its private  and governmental institutions .This comes according to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research methods for universities and research centers to adopt and applied  research that contestant with society needs, to provide effective solutions by reviewing our study plans and curriculum according to the courses  system along with  the government  program objectives of scientific research.

Aiming at setting the optional  goal to reach the knowledge and labor economics to ensure  knowledge to  re-brilliance education, which must be consistent and compatible with the features of the Iraqi mind known for its brilliance , seriousness, loyalty and profundity through  what was pointed, stated and declared in many scientific forums, conferences and studies in addition to the  international institutions, which many of our Iraqi students have been studied and graduated from, in addition to what is known of external scientific competencies in various scientific institutions.

Therefore, scientific research cannot be adopted and considered as a criterion for the quality, improvement and brilliance of the university without the emergence of a group of scientific projects , research and  innovations to the labor market to convert  into  participatory investment projects between our university and the  professional institutions, then we can declare the distinction , development and excellence of scientific research quality which consistent  with the university’s research centers outputs. 

Therefore. We are obliged to assume the responsibility entrusted to us with the participation of the faithful to reach these lofty goals.

I would like to seize this opportunity being in the chairmanship of the University of Technology  by looking  forward to achieving what we aspire to  promote and granting scientific high standard production in order to create a level  of satisfaction , enhancing  the spirit of belonging by  investing  all energies to build our academic institution and glorify  its educational ,intellectual and social role.

God is the guardian of success