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University of Technology, Iraq is ranked among the top 1001+ universities in the 2020 Times Higher Education World University Rankings.


For the first time in its history, the University of Technology ranked among the top 1001+ universities in the 2020 Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

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The Continuing Education Center at the University of Technology organized a course on Arabic language safety and common mistakes with the participation of trainees from government departments and graduate students.

The course aimed at equipping the participants with a range of language skills and training them on the correct writing, as well as to learn about the advantages and phenomena of Arabic language, as well as to address the methods of the Arabic language and how to use it.

The course curriculum included: Arabic language skills and features, common mistakes in language, as well as linguistic methods, correct spelling and Hamza and number and number.

The lectures were delivered by Assistant Professor Abdullah Ghaith Naffal from the Center for Continuing Education



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Director of the Center for Research on Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials at the University of Technology Abbas Khammas Hussein Al-Saadi teaching in the Department of Materials Engineering, a scientific book entitled "Engineering Examination" about the Yamama Library for printing, publishing and distribution in Iraq.

The 365-page book explains the basics and importance of engineering inspection and the need for it, and the fundamentals of non-destructive engineering inspection "NDT", which can also be used by experienced practitioners in the field of NDT in industry, and workers in production institutions, public administration and marketing who have a direct link to control Quality .

The book includes 7 chapters on the types of examination systems, the examination of the penetrating fluid and its characteristics, the examination of magnetic minutes and its advantages and determinants, the examination of currents, ultrasound, radiography, and non-destructive examination techniques.

Prof. Dr. Abbas Khammas has previously written a number of engineering books on the composition of engineering materials, the basics of ANSYS.



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The Department of Control and Systems Engineering hosted the visiting professor, Dr. Bassil Al-Hadithi, at the EscuelaTecnica superior de Ingenieria y diseno industrial at the University of Politecnica de Madrid.

The visiting professor gave a lecture entitled "Calculation of mathematical models of non-linear systems and their control using the theory of Takagi Sugino of the fuzzy model".

It was planned with the visiting professor on future cooperation to teach one of the subjects for graduate students and joint supervision of their research and the establishment of a workshop during the future hosting in addition to his participation in the formation of future research groups with the professors of the department.




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In the second stage of the Mechatronics branch in the Department of Control and Systems Engineering at the University of Technology, Sadiq Mounir Najm awarded a certificate for an industrial model from the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control / Ownership Department in the Ministry of Planning for his project (with the invention of a belt to help the blind walk).

The purpose of this belt is to breathe new life to help the blind to see and identify obstacles using ultrasound and to alert the approach of the obstacle by vibration from the same approach as the obstacle approach, which is easy to use and lightweight.




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