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The University of Technology achieved the best ranking in its history in the world ranking of the world's most prestigious universities ranking (Webometrics)

University of Technology granted the 2767 ranks globally in the classification issued in January 2019 among more than 28 thousand universities after granting  3382  rank  worldwide within the classification issued in July 2018.
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At the local level, the university of Technology maintained the third rank among 95 universities and colleges after the university of Babylon, which ranked "2061" in the world and university of  Baghdad which  ranked "2662” in the world.

The results of this ranking  can be found at this link:

At the Arab level, the university  ranked 66 out of 1149 Arab universities.
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The University of Technology was ranked 946th among Asian universities out of  13199 universities.
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This achievement comes in the light of the mechanism adopted by the university in keeping up with developments in the international universities under the consistent supervision of the President of the University of Technology Prof. Dr. Amin Daway Thamir and his continuous meetings with the ITC committees by creating outstanding projects contributed in achieving  this  site rank.

The President of the University congratulated the university students and teachers on this achievement, which came as a result of all staff efforts, stressing on the work in achieving high ranking  and improve the global classification  rank in upcoming future due to the importance and prestige of our university because of its scientific and engineering specialties and being the specialized university in the country.


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Dr. Alaa Abdel-Hassan Attia, the Scientific Assistant of the President of the University of Technology, inaugurated the Laboratory of Inorganic chemistry laboratory for under and post graduate studies in the Applied chemistry Branch at the Department of Applied Sciences at the University on Tuesday, March 5, 2019 with the presence of Dr. Ali Mutasher the head of the department and faculty members.

The Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry contains more than 15 modern equipment that would be with great benefit to both undergraduate students for scientific experiments, in addition to the postgraduate students for applying experiences and tests required for granting thesis and doctoral degrees .


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With the  presence of the President of the University of Technology Prof. Dr. Amin Daway Thamir , the Department of Petroleum Technology Engineering held a scientific symposium entitled: "Using Artificial Intelligence and Simulation in the Oil Fields Development " at the conference hall .The symposium attended by a large number of researchers and professors from various Iraqi universities and scientific institutions in addition to  the faculty members of the scientific departments and research centers at the University.

The seminar aimed at introducing industrial intelligence applications in the oil industry within many sectors such as refineries, drilling engineering, production engineering, reservoir engineering as well as reservoir modeling in addition to the most important developments and modern technologies concerning the applications of the artificial intelligence and mathematical representation in the petroleum industry.

The symposium included three main   aspects:

first: the  applications of artificial intelligence in oil refineries .

 second: the applications of artificial intelligence in reservoir, drilling and production engineering

third:  modeling and mathematical representation of oil reservoirs.

The  lectures were delivered by the head of the research and development department at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Youssef Khalaf , Dr. Ahmed Khalil from the Reservoir Department at the Ministry of Oil , Dr. Ghazwan Nuri from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Kufa , Dr. Muhammad Abdul-Amir from of the Faculty of Engineering at f the University of Misan , chief of Engineering director Mr. Kadhim Hamoud from  Misan Oil Company in the Ministry of Oil in addition to the Head of the Petroleum technology  branch at the petroleum  Department, Dr. Fadel Sarhan.

 At the conclusion of the symposium , the Head of Department, Prof. Aqeel Shaker Al-Adily, granted  a  certificate of appreciation  to the members of the preparatory Committee, the Scientific Committee and all the lecturers for their  distinguish efforts towards succeeding the symposium .

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Instructor  Prof. Mustafa Majid Al-Mukhtar  from the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Technology  published a scientific research in the Arab Journal of Science

Arabian Journal of Geosciences, published by Springer, entitled:

(Future Forecasts of Rain and Temperature in Iraq using a Statistical Model)

The study dealt with forecasting the effects of climate change on rain and temperature in Iraq, where twelve stations were distributed throughout the country.

Data from the Canadian climate model were used in addition to data measured in the above stations. Where it was concluded that the country will see a significant rise in temperature and a drop in rainfall.




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Teaching Assistant Uday Zakaria Jassim in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Technology is a scientific member of the International Journal of Civil and Technological Engineering

International Journal oh civil engineering and technology IJCIET

A magazine published in the State of India and specialized in civil engineering and is located within the Scopas containers.




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