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Within the cultural season, Communication Engineering Department at the University of Technology held a discussion seminar on GPS on the hall of martyr Mohammed Fadel.

Lect.Dr.Bassem Saeed, present a lecture in which he explained the global system and its importance at the present time. The discussion session included many questions and discussions.

The seminar was attended by Head of the department Asst.Prof.Dr. Avaneen Anwar and number of faculty members and staff


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Tuesday, 22 January 2019 10:15

Applied Sciences Department Hold Seminar

Laser Science and Technology Branch in the Department of Applied Sciences at the University of Technology held a seminar on "E-learning and its application mechanisms in university education" at the hall of the passed-away Prof. Dr. Abdul Muttalib Ibrahim (Smart Hall) at the department in the attendance Head of the department and faculty members and staff who are interested in e-learning.


The seminar aimed at spreading E-learning concept in the department and preparing the faculty members to accept the idea of this concept as a helping learning besides the academic learning. The seminar also aimed at highlighting the applying of E-learning in the department and determining its constraints and trying to find their solutions. 

There were two lecturers in the seminar, the first lecture was presented by Asst.Prof.Dr.Haider Abdul-Rida from Laser Science Branch on the concept of E-learning with its main objectives, types, management systems and mechanisms of application, while the second lecture was given by Lect.Dr.Mohammed Abdul Sattar from the branch of laser science and technology, which dealt with the provision of E-learning using Google's class and applications.

   discussion and exchanging views on the subject of E-learning by the organizers of the seminar and participants were positive and effective in enriching the platform of the seminar and finding solutions and recommendations to develop the process of E-learning within the university education in the Department of Applied Sciences, the most impartment of them were:

Preparing the infrastructure and the communication system (Internet) and providing the various devices and equipment necessary for the application of e-learning.

Training faculty staff and students to manage the various electronic learning systems as well as training them to support the process of managing these systems and cooperation with the centers specialized in the management of electronic education at the University of Technology or other relevant institutions for the purpose of achieving this.

 Adopting the best international E-learning management systems for the purpose of applying them in the scientific branches of the department and in accordance with the environment and systems of university education in the Iraqi universities with regard to e-learning. Teaching support for university education and applying it in the scientific branches of the department will lead to raising performance evaluation standards for the department and its teaching staff in it.


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