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The Department of Control and Systems Engineering at the University of Technology held seminars for postgraduate students / expatriates from outside Iraq and at the Graduate Hall in the presence of Prof.Dr. Hamed Mousa Hassan Assistant Head of Department for Scientific Affairs and Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Abdul Karim Assistant Head of Department for Administrative Affairs. Safna Rahat Head of Medical Engineering Branch Mohammed Yousuf Hassan, Dr.Salah Kazem Hamza, and a group of teachers and postgraduate students in the department. The research of graduate students was reviewed and some notes were received by the teachers. The seminar was conducted by lecturer. Mohsen Hassan Glob for the thesis: (Network fragmentation of the network using the filter of conformity with the United relative neutropia). The research included the extraction of the retinal vessels from the human pupil to diagnose and treat many diseases. The laboratory results showed that the performance The proposed method, which reaches 90% accuracy, is better than the other methods available to extract the retinal vessels.

 The second objective of the thesis was to increase the reliability of CDMA data transmission on the channels of communication with noise, and by using the convolution code theory, the number of errors was reduced at Receive data and increase efficiency.

The third lecture on "The cooperative navigation free of collision of multi-wheel robots in the scattered environment is not defined)" by lecturer. Haydar Mitham Jassim, the message tagged:

This research included the development of the MPC algorithm for the collaborative navigation of a group of robots in the unrecognized environment. It included facilitating and redesigning some of the algorithm steps to make them more efficient in practical application and also incorporating this algorithm with a number of nonlinear Kalman filters for optimal guessing of the location and navigation angle of each robot This method ensures that each robot is navigated in an unidentifiable, non-disruptive environment without obstacles or other robots.

























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Control engineering department holds seminar

The Department of Control and Systems Engineering at the University of Technology held seminars for scholarships' students in the Graduate Hall at the presence of Asst.Prof.Dr. Hamed Mousa Hassan, deputy for Scientific Affairs and Asst.Prof Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Abdul Karim the deputy Administrative Affairs. Asst.Prof.Dr. Safana Modhar Raafat Head of Medical Engineering Branch, Asst.Prof.Dr. Mohammed Yousuf Hassan,Asst.Prof.Dr.Salah Kazem Hamza and a group of lecturers and graduate students in the department.The researches of graduate students were reviewed and some notes were received by the lecturers. The seminars were held by Asst.Prof.Dr. Salim Khalifa Kadhim for his thesis:(Numerical and experimental investigation of the effect of induced vibrations on the mechanical heart valve).His research involved the use of bifurcated mechanical heart valves (BMHV) on a large scale to replace the original diseased heart valves. However, BMHV may fail for certain reasons such as plaque buildup and blood cell damage, leading to heart valve failure. Unknown causes of BMHV failure.Lect.Dr. Qusay Fadel Hassan presents a lecture on his thesis (Design of intelligent power controllers for intermittent communication systems)In this paper, a review was made of how energy is distributed in intermittent systems for the purpose of constructing a mathematical model capable of accurately representing energy consumption in all system segments. The benefit of this model is to build a strategy to control energy consumption in intermittent systems based on the frequency used in these systems as a control tool; to demonstrate the ability of the new model to represent the energy of intermittent systems, and built simulator under the MATLAB environment to work three intermittent systems (OT gate, MUX Circuit, and FA Circuit (The results of this simulator were compared with the results of the original circuits built under the OrCAD Cadence environment. The comparison process demonstrated the ability of the new model to give accurate readings of the energy consumption in the linear systems under different sizes and conditions 
























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The Department of Computer Science at the University of Technology organized a seminar for students of the first stage attended by the Head of Computer Science Department Hala Bahjat Abdul Wahab and the scientific assistants'alia Karim and the Administrative Ayad Roudan and the course's supervisor. Yasser Munther and heads of branches.
The symposium focused on several important axes: renouncing religious and sectarian extremism, establishing national identity and public behavior on campus and the department, taking care of students' status in the internal departments, establishing the values of community coexistence and discussing the system of courses and infectious diseases and how to prevent them.
And included the need to care for students with special needs as well, education against terrorist ideology and the use of social media, electronic fraud, and commitment to permanence, as well as the definition of the department and its branches and the minimum acceptance in each section of the section

























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