Management Board of the ERC


 The Center is run by Management Board, headed by the Director of the Center and its membership includes the heads of specialized scientific departments in which two experienced and competent in the field of environmental disciplines outside of the center. The functions of the Board's proposal of public policy for the Center in scientific, financial and administrative areas and follow up their implementation, as well as to propose and approve the annual scientific plan and programs the transfer of modern technology to the field of applied and follow-up implementation and evaluation. Current board includes all of the following:

1. Dr. Abdel-Hamid M. J. Al-Obaidy/Director of the Center Chairman
2. Dr. Sedeq A. Qassem/Head of the Dept. of Environmental Pollution Member
3. Dr. Azhar M. Halim/Head of the Dept. of Environmental techniques Member
4. Mr. Miqdad Abdul Wahab/Head of Sustainable Development Dept. Member
5. Mr. Sabah M. Al-Omran/GM Middle Environment External member
6. Prof. Abdul Razzaq Tarish/Dept. of Building Engineering and Construction (External member)
7. Mrs. Rana Riad Khalil Ismail Secretary

Center Director/Chairman of the Board:
Name: Dr. Abdel-Hamid Mohammed Jawad Al-Obaidy.
Date of post receipt: 2/12/2010
Major: Ph. D in Hydrological
Specialization: Contamination of soil and water.

Administrative units:

Unit of Administration and Finance:
This unit is concerned with the completion of the Centre's administrative and financial business, and the provision of support services and supplies to the success of the work, as well as follow-up to the receipt of official mail and answer it and documenting the various activities of the Centre.

Employees of the Administration and Finance Unit

1 Ahmed Abdel-Sattar Whaib/Unite head Clerk Bachelor /Management and Economics
2 Muhannad Redha Dhiab Senior manager Bachelor/Agriculture
3 Haider Karim Mohsen Engineer Bachelor/Production and metals
4 Maha Hashim Mehdi Hassan Observant technician Diploma/Statistic
5 Rasha Fleih Hassan Clerk
6 Sura Satar Abboud Technician Technical Diploma
7 Ma`ath Ali Saleh Technician Technical Diploma
8 Haider Mohammed Shalash Craftsman
9 Hassan Falih Hassan Craftsman

Unit rehabilitation and environmental training:

This unit is concerned with the following:
Set up a training plan to raise the efficiency and development of human resources in the center.
Coordination with Continues Education Center of the number of training courses organized by the ERC faculty.
Coordination with the official authorities and informal interested environmentalists numbers rehabilitation programs for its staff by organizing workshops and specialized in the field of work training courses.
Preparation of data services and activities and scientific advice that can be provided by the Centre in the framework of community participation base.

Employees of the unit qualification and training of environmental

1 Ahmed Safa Abdul Hassan/Unite official Assistant Lecturer M. Eng./Chemistry Corrosion Engineering

Unit of documentation and follow-up:

This unit is concerned with the following:
- Documenting and updating data files calendar for members of the faculty and staff at the Environmental Research Center to evaluate the performance, as well as organizing and updating the personal files of employees at the center.

- An electronic database to document all of the center, including the scientific activities of the plan and monitor its implementation and the percentage of completion achieved and the issuance of the annual report of the achievements of the center base preparation.

- Follow-up and documentation of quality assurance procedures in place.

- Follow-up to the university system statistics and individuals and the system of research.