Engineering and Technology Journal


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Volume 37, Year 2019
Issue 4-A


Contents                                           17/10/2017

Study the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of High Chromium White Cast Iron (HCWCI) under Different Martempering Quenching Mediums
Ali H. Ataiwi & Zainab A. Betti
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Development the Physical Properties of Polymeric Blend (SR/ PMMA) by Adding various Types of Nanoparticles, Used for Maxillofacial Prosthesis Applications
Sihama I. Salih, Jawad K. Oleiwi & Hajir M. Ali
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Experimental Study of 3D Printing Density Effects on the Mechanical Properties of the Carbon-Fiber and Polylactic Acid Specimens
Wafa A. Soud, Ihsan A. Baqer & Mohammed R. Ahmed
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The Extraction of Alumina from Kaolin
Alaa H. Ali, Mohammed H. AL-Taie & Ihab F. Ayoob
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Mapping LCLU Using Python Scripting
Oday Z. Jasim, Khalid I. Hasoon & Noor E. Sadiqei
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