Engineering and Technology Journal


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Volume 37, Year 2019
Issue 2-A


Contents                                           17/10/2017

Effect of Using Local Insulation Materials on the Indoor Temperature of Residential Buildings at Iraq
Abdulrahman S. Mahmood, Haqi I. Qatta & Nassr F. Hussein
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Examining the Impact of Different Thermosyphon Diameters and Working Fluids on Their Performance
Talib Z. Farge, Sahar R. Al-Sakini & Aseel A. Ismael
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Investigation of Corrosion Protection for Steel by Eco-Friendly Coating
Majid H. Abdulmajeed, Hiba A. Abdullah, Slafa I. Ibrahim & Ghaith Z. Alsandooq
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Optimal Location and Parameter Setting of STATCOM Device Based PSO for Iraqi Grid Voltage Profile Enhancement and Power Losses Minimizing
Rashid H. Al-Rubayi & Mohammed B. Eesee
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Diagnosis and Evaluation of Defects Encountered in Newly Constructed Houses in Erbil City, Kurdistan, Iraq
Khalil I. Wali & Noori S. Ali
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