Engineering and Technology Journal


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Volume 36, Year 2018
Issue 1-B


Contents                                           17/10/2017

Text File Hiding Randomly Using Secret Sharing Scheme
Yossra H. Ali & Hussein J. Mankhi
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Re-Use of Glass Wool Fiber as New Composite Polyester System
Raghad U. Abass
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Preparation and Investigation of FlexuralStrength and Impact Strength for Nano Hybrid Composite Materials of the Tri-Polymeric Blend used in Structural Applications
Sihama I. Salih, Wleed B. Salih & Mustafa S. Mohammed
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Proposed Video Watermarking Algorithm Based on Edge or Corner Regions
Nidaa F. Hassan & Rusul N. Abbas
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Effects of Electrode Geometry on Energy Transfer Characteristics of Electrolytic Cells Used for Production of Metallic Nanostructures
Noor I. Naji
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Theoretical Study of Comparative Between the Speed of Penetration and Cutting Using a Laser Beam
Akhlas J. Mahmood
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C-Reactive Protein as a Marker in the Iraq Patients with Poisoning Thyroid Gland Disease
Maryam D. Kamel, Abbas A. Mohammed & Ali A. Ibrahim
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Propose an Arabic CAPTCHA System Based on Chaotic Maps
Mariam T. Sulaiman & Nidaa F. Hassan
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Optical and Structural Properties of (In2O3:ZnO:Au) Nanocomposite Thin Films Prepared by Spray Pyrolysis Method
Abdulhadi Kadhim, Farah T.M. Noori & Nawres D. Hamza
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Transesterification of Castor Oil by Using Methanol and Ethanol (50/50) Mixture
Muna M. Khudhair, Sajeda A. Husain, Zahraa M. Jassim & Shefaa M. Salih
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Antioxidant activity of Linalool
Majid S. Jabir, Ali A. Taha & Usama I. Sahib
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Assessment of Some Heavy Metal Concentrations in Drilling Mud samples in
Az Zubair Oil Field, Basra, Iraq

Sahar A. Amin, Abdul Hamid M. J. Al-Obiady, Rana R. Alani & Athmar A. Al-ashhady
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Analysis of Image Noise Reduction Using Neural Network
Mohanad N. Abdulwahed
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Generalized Dependent Elements of Generalized Reverse Derivation on Semiprime Rings
Shaima'a B. Yass
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Effect of Laser Pulses on Characterization of Zincoxide Thin Film Prepared by PLD
Suaad S. Shaker, Asma H. Mohammed & Majid S. Khalaf
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