Engineering and Technology Journal


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Volume 36, Year 2018
Issue 4-A


Contents                                           17/10/2017

Flexural Behavior of RC Beams Strengthened by NSM-CFRP Laminates or Bars  
Ikram A. Saeed, Riadh. Al-Mahaidi, Tareq. S. Al-Attar & Basil. S. Al-Shathr
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Studying of Heat Treatment Influence on Mechanical Behavior of AA6061-T6 by Desirability Function Analysis Approach 
Hashim S. Neamah
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Comparison of the Behavior for Free Standing Pile Group and Piles of Piled Raft 
Awf A. Al-Kaisi, Falah H. Rahil & Mohanned Q.Waheed
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Design and Implementation of a Two Stage Controller for Ball and Beam System Using FPGA
Ivan A. Hashim, Ekhlas H. Karam & Noor S. Abdul-Jaleel
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Earth Fault Protection Failure in the Distribution Transformer 11/0.4 kV Supply
Thamir M. Abdul-Wahhab & Mohammed S. Jasim
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Using Polyethylene Glycol to Produce Self Cured Cement Mortar
Rasha R. Rawdhan, Awham M. Hameed & Shakir A. Salih
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Effect of Nano Carbon Tube on the Mechanical and Physical Properties of Composites Based on Resin Route 
Aseel B. Abdul-Hussein, Emad S. AL-Hassani & Marwa Subhi
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Removal of Cr (VI) and Cu (II) Ions from Synthetic Wastewater by Solar Photocatalytic Reactor 
Mohammad F. Abid, Luma H. Mahmood, Noor H. Hamza & Sukaine J. Mohamed
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Design of Compact Dual-Mode BPFs Based on Cantor Fractal Geometry with U-Shaped Capacitive Coupling
Seevan F. Abdulkareem
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Numerical and Experimental Study of Cooling in Desktop Computer with Block Heat Sink
Jalal M. Jalil, Ekbal H. Ali & Hiba H. Kurdi
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Effect of DEM and Land Cover Resolutions on Simulated Runoff of Adhaim Watershed by SWAT Model
Mahmoud S. Al-Khafaji & Fouad H. Saeed
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Strength Evaluation of Hybrid Reinforced Concrete Columns under Eccentric Loads 
Ammar A. Ali & Zaynab S. Mohammed
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A Mathematical Model to Determination of Alum Amount Added for the Purpose of Coagulation in Water Purification Plants
Hassan A. Omran & Mizher A. Kadhim
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Performance Evaluation of the V–basin Tube Solar Collector by Using Different Nanoparticles and Base Fluids 
Ibtisam A. Hasan & Khaliid F. Sultan
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Study of some Mechanical Properties and Erosive Behavior by Taguchi Method for Hybrid Nano Composites 
Reem A. Mohammed
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