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Volume 35, Year 2017
Special Issue

Contents                                           17/10/2017

 Barometric Trend in Contemporary Design A Study in Bricks Facades
A.M.H. Al-Moqaram & S. R.H. Majed
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Allegation in Architecture (Modernism Villa Savoy as a Model)
H.A.H. Alshammari & H.H. Sabti
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Immunity in Architecture (Analytical study of the design of the environment surrounding the university buildings as an entry point to achieve the security and
  Dr. Basim Hasan Hashim Al-Majidi & Rasha Noori Ahmed
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The Role of New Technology in Inquiry Media Architecture
A.M. Jaafar & E.S. AbdulAhadd
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Use of IT Photographic and GIS in the Analysis of Complex Intersection of University of Baghdad
O.Z. Jasim & N.M. Alhayani
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Natural Dimension in Ecological Aesthetic of Riverside Landscape
R.F. Abbawi & M. Karam
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Fractal Rhythm in Architecture Study in Baghdad Traditional Houses
A.M.H Al-Moqaram & A. J. Al –Akkam
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Interaction between learners within Self-Organized Learning Environments-Spaces of Architectural Engineering Department Case study
A.M.H. Al-Moqaram & R.R.F. Al-Amara
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Diffusion Study of Different Types of Water in Polymer Composite Reinforced with Chicken Feathers Fibers Abstract
B.H. Musa & B.A. Yousif

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Design, manufacture and test of seismic shear (transverse) wave’s source for engineering purposes
M.M. Ahmed
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Study of Cytogenetic Effects of Cimetidine Drug in White mice (Musmusculus)
T.G. Mohamed & A.A. Mohamed
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Detection of active compounds in the crude aqueous extract of Annona muricata plant peels and used as an anti-oxidant
M.S. Jabir, Y.M. Saleh & N.Y. Yaseen
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Manufacturing of Refractory Bricks from Iraqi Flint
E.M. Hadi
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Manufacturing of Thermal and Acoustic Insulating from (White Cement and Hemp Short Fibers) by using Recycled Paper
W.M. Salih & E.M. Hadi
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Study Using Different Adsorbents Materials in Purification of Waste Lubricating Oil
T.M. Hameed, M.M. Khudhair, A.T. Jafar, A. Asaad, W. Nifal & J. Huseen
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Study of the Diffusion Coefficient and Hardness for a Composite Material when Immersed in Different Solutions Polymer
S.H. Aleabi, H.G. Attiya & A.W. Watan
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Zircon bonded with Iraqi Kaolin
Dr. Enas M. Hadi
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The Effect of some Weather Factors on the Speed of the Sound Waves Inside the Surface Boundary Layer in Baghdad City
A. G. Mutar & N. A. Mohammed
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Study The Effect of Fruit Juice Extract Helianthus Tuberosus on Liver Function and as Antibacterial Agent
E. M. Eltayef, M. A. Hammoodi, M. A. Abed & D. A. A. Abdul Abass
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Manufacturing Porous Ceramic from Iraqi Kaolin by using paper pulp
E. M. Hadi & H. J. abd Al-Hussien
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Effect Buried Soil On Mechanical and Physical Properties of (UP) Composites Flexture strength
H. J. Abd Al-Hussien
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Selection of Best House Construction Materials for Roofs and Walls Regarding Cost, Weight, thermal Insulation and Mechanical Properties
Amer Mohamed Ibrahim, Ahmed Abdullah Mansor & Jaleel Ibrahim Kaduri
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Preparation of Emulsified Fuel from used lubricating oil
D. Muna M. Khudhair, Taghreed M. Hameed, Hayder Abd Alameer, Aqeel Talip Jafar, Awali Assad & Wasan Nifal
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