Engineering and Technology Journal


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Volume 35, Year 2017
Issue 9-A


Contents                                           17/10/2017

 Improve the Process of Enhancing Oil Recovery (EOR) by Applying Nanomagnetic Cobalt Ferrite Nanoparticles
A.D. Thamir, K.A. Sukkar & Ali A. Ati
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Anodic Inhibitor Doped Polypyrrole Coating to Reduce Corrosion in Petroleum Medium
R.A. Anaee, W.M. Salih & H.A. Abdullah
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Effect of Sintering Process and Starch Amount on the Porosity and Permeability of Al2O3-ZrO2 High Porous Oil Filters
  S.A. Ajeel, N.E. Abdul Latiff & A.A. Al-Attar
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Effect of Addition CuO Nanoparticle to Quenching Media on Properties of Medium Carbon Steel
J.H. Mohmmed
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Design Study of Leak Detection System and the Protection of Crude Oil Pipelines
A.Z. Mohammed, B.R. Mahdi & A.H. Ajlan
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Use of Nano-Magnetic Material for Removal of Heavy Metals from Wastewater
G.K. Salman, A.J. Bohan & G.M. Jaed
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Studying The Effect of Nano-Metakaolin Admixture Material On Mechanical Properties of Oil Well Cement (OWC)
A.D. Salman
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Green Corrosion Inhibitor for Protection of Mild Steel
S.A. Ajeel
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Effect of Feed Rate on Laser Surface Cladding of Cold Rolled Carbon Steel
M.A.Ali Bash, F.F.Sayyid, A. I. Mohammed, A.M. Mustafa & A.M. Mustafa
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CFD Investigation of the Erosion Severity in 3D Flow Elbow During Crude Oil Contaminated Sand Transportation
M.A. Al-Baghdadi, K. K. Resan & M. Al-Waily
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Enhance Corrosion Resistance of T22 Alloy by Adding of La3O2 Nanoparticles; Condition of Oil Flow
A.A. Al-Attar
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Alumina Nanoparticle/Polypyrrole Coating for Carbon Steel Protection in Simulated Soil Solution
R. A. Anaee, H. A. Abdullah & Gh. Z. Alsandooq
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Preparation Nano Composite Material Used in Oil and Gas Pipelines
N.F.Ibraheem, I.A.Esmael & H.M.Yas
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Effect of Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles Fuel Additives on the Performance
and Emissions of Diesel Engine

H.A. Dhahad, A.S. Hamadi & S.A. Ali
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Corrosion Behavior of Anodized Pure Zinc in Sea Water
S. A. Ajeel & B. Ahmed
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