The word of the department

In the name of God the Merciful

   Contribution initiatives and working methods applied by and Zarah Higher Education and Scientific Research to develop aspects of prejudice to the educational process and in order to prepare and guide the new generation and young people in accordance with the objectives that we have, that plays the students a clear role and influential in our present and actively involved distinct in building the society and deepen the course and direction towards achieving the same humanity, keen Department of Physical Education and artistic activity in the Technological University to prepare a plan programmed to units of Physical Education in the scientific departments, engineering, and responsive to the preferences and desires of students to achieve integration in the personality of the individual aspects of physical, intellectual and fine tune their social behavior through participation contribute to sports varied and sports festivals and gatherings youth and Scout camps, as well as the work of our department through its programs in the investment leisure students and familiarize them with the cooperation of teamwork and what this pamphlet Alamsahma in the preparation and pre-planning racing Championship League games organization and individual that is keen and urgent technological University commendable creating supplies to ensure the sections of the area in front of the largest possible number of students, teachers and staff in the practice of sports and art, as well as leisure time students invest in beneficial contribution through output energies that seek freedom, democracy and justice and enthusiastic in building the nation and defend the dignity and pride.

- D. Najah Salman Hameed
Director of the Department