Objectives of the department

Sports Directorate is seeking undergraduate and artistic activity to keep pace with the increase in the volume of programs that go hand in hand with the development of the university.

Sports undergraduate part of the comprehensive educational training as a:
Achieve the desired balance between physical activity and behavior educational and contribute to the upbringing of a balanced upbringing of the youth.
Almwhllat contribute to the refinement of physical and intellectual capabilities and the development of cognitive and psychological for young people.
Educates the student on the love of work and perseverance, taking initiative and take responsibility.
Enables the student to gain re-exercise normal cultural practice in the lives of the individual.
Support fair competition between young people and contribute to instill the values ​​and principles in the Olympic conscience and love of excellence and privilege.
Enable students to know and respect the laws of mathematics and the acquisition of cultural values ​​and social habits and cultivate a healthy Trgbhm to continue to practice after-school sports.

 Tnumeipmoahb students, refined and directed to fill the leisure time in a positive way useful.
Contribute to the integration of building a personal student of the future (leadership, take responsibility, confidence, cooperation, self-denial ....)
Composition of good relations between the student and faculty and staff Edohiip university by involving them in sporting activities and technical standard.
Raise awareness of sports, sports culture and the teachings of health.
Integration of new students in physical activity and introduce them to the sports facilities and the discovery of new talent and refined.
Satisfy the wishes and preferences for the student through the free exercise of free HR.
Provide knowledge and expertise and increase information and acquaintance via the friction matches, camps and visits.
Preparing teams to represent the University at sports events for universities to local and regional levels.