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At the founding of the University of Technology formed a circle in 01/04/1975 Youth Care Assistant associated with the university president for Student Affairs and the Department of Youth Welfare consists of: 
Directorate of Physical Education. 
Directorate of Culture and the arts. 
Directorate of internal departments. 
Directorate of Registration of the Whole. 
It was the first Director of Physical Education Mr. (full comprehensive) and the first director of culture and the arts famous painter (rods Sheikhli). 
The Directorate of Physical Education in 1975, consists of:. 
Mr. comprehensive full (Chairman). 
Mr. Essam Qasim Necdet (coach). 
Mr. Alaa El Din Hussein (coach). 
Mr. Jamal Ahmed Mohamed 
Said (may God have mercy on him) Akram Azzawi spectrum (coach). 
Mr. Jassim Mohammed Ahmed (trainer). 
Mr. Salah al-Radi (coach). 
Six Khalida Abdul-Hadi (as coach). 
Six preponderant Kazem (coach). 
Sabiha Sultan (coach). 
And then successively the appointment of teachers in the years Olahakp At the age of his 1981 Physical Education was merged with the culture and the arts under the name of the Directorate of Youth Welfare. 
In 1985 abolished culture and the arts. 
In 1991 became the Directorate of Physical Education (Sport undergraduate unit) connected to the Assistant Rector. 
After a year of 2004, the Directorate of Sports University and artistic activity. 

Directors of Physical Education since its founding in 1975, and to Alan 
Dr. comprehensive full 1975-1978 
Dr. Jamil Saleh 1978-1979 
Mr. Zuhair Abdullah Mohammed 1979-1981 
Mr. Alaa El Din Hussein 1981-1982 
Ms. Raja Mohammed Said 1982-1985 
Dr. (late) 1985-1989 Jamil Saleh 
Mr. Alaa El Din Hussein 1989-1991 
Mr. Jassim Mohammed Ahmed 1991-2002 
Dr. Mahmoud Attia grace 2002 - 2006 
Mr. Amin Thanon 2006 - until now.