Notes on Typing the  Manuscript

  1. Margins 4 cm.

  2. Header and Footer 3 cm.

  3. Manuscripts in English should be typed in Time New Roman .

  4. The title should be in font (14) bold, English abstract should be in font (11) .

  5. Author's name should be typed in font (12) with asterisk above the last name when the authors are more than one their names should be typed on one line with the asterisk above the author's name on the left if they are affiliated to the same institution. If they are not, an asterisk should be above each author's name. At the bottom of the page an asterisk is placed to indicate author's affiliation. E-mail of the person to whom correspondence should be sent.

  6. The paper should be typed in two columns of 6 cm wide. The number of lines should be 42 in each column.

  7. Figures are appended to the end of the paper consecutively. Figure titles should not be placed within the figure.

  8. References are to be identified by raised number in brackets. At the end of the paper the cited literature should be listed consecutively. The full bibliographical data should be in the following order

  9. For books: Author's surname, initials, the title, publisher's name, year of publications

  10. For articles: Author's surname, title of the article, name of the periodical (volume number, page numbers and year) separated by a comma. For papers downloaded from Internet.
    Author's surname, title, and on a separate line below, the website.