Scientific Committee


1-Prof.Dr.Kahtan   K.  Kazraji (Chairman)-University of Technology.
2-Ass.Prof.Dr.Mohammed A. Al-Saraj- Ministry of Higher Education.
3-Prof.Dr. R. K.Soni- Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.
4-Prof.Dr. Ahmed A. Moosa- University of Technology.
5-Prof.Dr. Mazen M. Elias- Al-Nahrian University.
6-Prof.Dr.Waleed Khalaf Hamoudi- University of Technology.
7-Prof.Dr.Adawiya J. Hayder- University of Technology
8- Ass. Prof.Dr Fadhil A. Chyad- University of Technology.
9-Ass. Prof.Dr. Bassam G. Rasheed- University of Technology.
10-Dr.Thaer L. Mizel- Ministry of Sciences Technology.

Organizing Committee


1-Prof.Dr. Ahmed A. Moosa
2-Ass.Prof.Dr. Khalid A. Sukkar
3-Ass.Prof.Dr. Fadhil A. Chyad Mohamed I. Mohamed Abdul-Qader D.Faisel
6-Ass.Prof.Dr.Bassam G. Rasheed
7-Dr. Mazen S. Ali
8-Dr. Rana A. Majed
9-Dr. Aseel B. Al-Zubaydi
10-Ass.Lect.Mohammed D. Nuri
11-Ass.Lect.Akeel A. Nadhim
12-Ass.Res.Sarmen A. Ohanes
13-Sarah H. Omrane