Tasks and activities                                                                                                                                                      


Check and follow all procedures for admission to the University and issue orders to acceptance.
Follow up on students since the student to the university and even after graduation and taking into account the application of the regulations and instructions.
Check the documentation of the graduates of academic departments and approved.
Anti-corruption work of fraud and to detect counterfeiters and students away from campus and inform the Department of Legal Affairs and prosecuted.
Validation of the documentation received from departments and ministries in collaboration with academic departments and inform the concerned party and the Office of Inspector General, and acceptance in the central Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research at the discovery of any case of manipulation or fraud in it.
Development of models and documents graduation and the introduction of elements of the security and the adoption of models of others are subject to fraud.
Ensure the validity of the issuance of documents and the contents of students admitted to the University, in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Ministry of Education and agencies and other relevant universities and institutes in Iraq.
Ordering of students graduated annually and inform the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and by a copy of the Order of Engineers with regard to engineering departments.
Check the names of the graduates before they are published on the website of the University in collaboration with the Centre for Information Technology and Communications.
Reception of students and citizens and to listen to their problems and work to resolve them under the laws and regulations.
Provide advice and explanations to the people of the registry in scientific departments when requested by them.
Preparation of studies and proposals for the development of work within the department or the people in the registry scientific departments.
Certification and documentation of graduates in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.