The main activities of the Department for 2016


A training course about anthropomorphic drill device

 21/8 till 25/08/2016

The discussion of the fourth stage students projects have been taken place in the petroleum technology department for a period of 22-23/6/2016 in the department's halls through a number of committees formed which included professors and teaching staff from the department and from outside the department (Baghdad University/ Petroleum Engineering Department) as well as experts from the Ministry of Oil.

The purpose of the discussion is to follow up the projects of the students graduated and enforcing the scientific aspect by making observations under the discipline of petroleum engineering.

In cooperation with the Oil Training Institute / Baghdad, Oil Department held a training course about the anthropomorphic drill device at the Oil Training Institute for the period 21/8 till 25/08/2016.

The course aimed to deal with the most important problems facing the drilling staff and towers officials in the Iraqi oil fields by working on the drilling device, showing problems and indicators and clarifying them in addition to how treated them along with their consequences when they are not handled properly.

The course participates were a number of department petroleum engineers and specialists of the drilling laboratory beside a group of graduate students.