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Conferences and seminars held by the Department
Conferences/Seminars name Date
The Petroleum Technology Department has established the Branch of "Oil Facilities Management Engineering".

 28-29 October 2015

Teacher in the department involved in the International Visitor Program From 24/01/2015 up to 13/02/2015
Engineer from Shell Global Company will deliver a lecture in the petroleum Technology department 28/12/2014
 petroleum Technology department assesses the seminar in cooperation with the Oil Projects Company 2/11/2014
Teacher in the petroleum Technology department involved in the Fifth Conference of Quality Assurance in Kufa 14-15/5/2014
petroleum Technology Department regulates the third student symposium in oil sites 18/5/2014
Teaching in petroleum technology  department is involved in a scientific symposium 05/05/2014
Seminar in petroleum technology department on the occasion of the university 15/04/2014
A scientific symposium on the exploitation of gas in Iraq 11/19/2013
The second conference of Iraq's oil and gas 24/10/2013
A seminar on dangers of drugs 19/3/2013
Iraq Energy Academy held the first workshop of gas 26/5/2013
Petroleum Technology Department participates in the second scientific conference of modern technologies in the petroleum liquidation 14 - 16/5/2013
SPE Society first student symposium in Petroleum Technology Department 9/5/2013
Department participates in Third National Energy Forum 23-26/4/2013
Session of system of occupational health and safety 14-25/4/2013
A lecture on the rehabilitation of laboratories in Petroleum Technology Department 9/4/2013
Student symposium for summer training in the Petroleum Technology Department 3/4/2013
University of Technology dispatch the head of department  to Kut and Erbil 23-28/3/2013
Students of the Department's participation in Youth Festival of sovereignty Second Scientific 28/3/2013
A seminar on the dangers of drugs and their effects in the community 19/3/2013
Lecture in modern technology in drilling oil and gas wells 14/3/2013
Participation in the Conference of Presidents of universities in the University of Dohuk 15-16/12/2012
Participation in Conference Gateenergy held in Turkey 27-28/12/2012
scientific symposium entitled (the economics of oil and gas in Iraq and future prospects) held at the University of Technology 27/12/2012
Participation in the workshop of civil society organizations and those concerned in the field of environment in Environmental Research Center 23/12/2012
Participate in the International Conference of Engineering in Canada  17-18/12/2012
Participation in the activities of the Energy Forum, which included a number of workshops at the Rashid Hotel 11-13/12/2012
Attend the International Conference for the development of education in Iraq at Baghdad University 27/ 11 /2012
Accommodation an introductory lecture for the World Society of Engineers (SPE) in the Canadian Hall 13/11/2012
Attend the First International Conference on Water Resources Engineering at the University Theatre 12/11/2012
A scientific symposium on the curriculum in the department has been held in the conference room in the department 6/11/2012
A panel discussion entitled (the Iraqi State Oil Marketing: norms, prices, challenges) in the conference hall  16-10-2012
A memorandum of understanding joint scientific with the Iraqi Drilling Company / Oil Ministry 2/10/2012
Participate in a workshop built in Arbil by irex institution  19-22/6/2012
Participation in the symposium establish a center catalysts and Alziolat in the oil ministry held at the headquarters of research and development center oil 22/5/2012
A lecture on the control of viral hepatitis by Dr. (Adel Abdel-Mohsen) from the Ministry of Health 10/5/2012
Symposium (naturally occurring radioactive materials in the oil industry) at the University of Technology  30/4/2012
Lecture on quality and academic accreditation  by Ms. director of quality and academic accreditation 23/4/2012
Lecture of the Centre for Research and Development of oil  by the Director of the Center 12/4/2012
Seminar for student summer training in the petroleum technology department 13/3/2012
Petroleum Technology Department participates in academic seminar Iraq Energy 25/2/2012
Petroleum Technology Department resides a panel discussion on sustainable development 8/2/2012
Workshop for postgraduate students in the Department of petroleum Technology 1/2/2012
Technology Department involved in the petroleum-Nahrain University Seminar for (modern methods in the oil industry) 22/1/2012
Petroleum Technology Department resides educational workshop on human rights 29/12/2011
Joint panel discussion between the Petroleum Technology Department and petroleum Southern Oil Company 27/12/2011
University of Technology participated in the World Conference for Iraq's oil studies 20-22/12/2011
Petroleum Technology Department held a panel discussion on the extractive oil industry in Iraq 19/12/2011
Technological University delegation participates in the conference Getenergy for Iraq 2011 Oil and Gas 5-6/12/2011
Participation of a delegation from the University of Technology in the first scientific conference for oil and gas 26-27/10/2011
A scientific symposium entitled "Handling of Radioactive Sources and methods of radiation protection"
A seminar on the economics of oil and gas
Scientific panel discussion between University of Technology and the Ministry of Oil
Introductory Lecture on quality assurance and academic performance
A seminar on oil and gas
Scientific poster exhibition

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