Wednesday, 31 May 2017 08:36

The Department of Laser and Optical Electronics at the University of Technology  grant   Master's Degree to" Fay  Fadel Reza" for her thesis in titled "Micrometallic Fiber in Chemical Sensitivity Applications".

The committee was moderated by, Ass. Prof Dr. Mohammed Jalal Abdul Razzaq from the University of Technology as a President , Ass. Prof. dr. Adnan Hussein Ali from the Central Technical University and Dr. Saad Abdul Aziz Mohammed from Nahrain University. And Dr. Beshra Rizouki Mehdi from the Ministry of Science and Technology  as supervisors.

The researcher used a program to design various types of photonic crystalline fibers and to use them as a sensor. The refractory lyses laboratory was found when the air gaps were empty and when they were injected with solutions of different pH degree at the wavelength of 1550nm.

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