Sunday, 28 May 2017 06:48

The Department of Laser Engineering at the University of Technology awarded the Master Degree to the student Shahid Laith Mohammed for her thesis entitled (Effect of laser irradiation and CPP-ACP on micro hardness and structural changes of primary tooth decay).

The discussion committee was composed of Prof. Ziad Tariq Mahmood of Nahrain University as President of the University of Manal Abdulrahman Majeed of Baghdad University and Dr. Abdul Hadi Kazem of the University of Technology. Dr. Ahmed Yass from the University of Baghdad supervisors.

The researchers found that the exposure of the teeth to the laser radiation in combination with the mineralization material showed high resistance to decay. The effect of laser and CPP-ACP in the restoration of the initial decay mineralization was achieved using the test of precision salad and electron microscopy and dispersion spectrometry.

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