Sunday, 28 May 2017 06:45

The Department of Engineering of Control and Systems at the University of Technology awarded a Master's degree with a very good grade to the Master's student Tabarak Hatem for her thesis:

Evaluate mobile robot performance using SLAM using cloud computing

(Cloud Computing)

"Implementation and performance evaluation of mobile robot's navigation using SLAM based on cloud computing"

In the discussion that took place in the Conference Room of the Section

The discussion committee consisted of: Uday Abdul Latif Abdul Rida as President and Professor Firas Abdul Razzaq Rahim and m. Ahmed Mazhar Hassan members and d. Hamid Mousa Hassan supervisor.

The message addressed the use of the Turtle Bot Robot to implement the mapping algorithm and mapping simultaneously. The algorithm was implemented in the kazipo simulator and by the matlab program.

The environment contains many parameters and is detected by the infrared emitter of the Kinect portable camera on the Turtle Bot Robot.

Complex calculations of the algorithm are discharged from the robot by cloud computing, where the algorithm is implemented in a separate calculator which is connected to the robot via the cloud.

According to the results obtained, the algorithm performed very well in addressing the added noise on both the robot site and the location of the parameters. The algorithm worked better in environments with a large number of parameters than in fewer environments.

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