Tuesday, 23 May 2017 09:10

The Department of Petroleum Technology at the University of Technology  grant  a  Master degree  to  the student Amir Taleb Hameed with a grade of excellence for his thesis tagged geostatistics study in the distribution of the petro physical characteristics of the  Al -musherf  layer    in the field of Nasiriyah on Thursday 2/2/2017.

The committee was moderated by Prof. Mohammed Saleh Al-Jawad from  the University of Technology and Dr. Hussein Ali Baqer of Baghdad University and Dr. Medhat Aliwi Nasser of Baghdad University. Abdul Ali Abdul Hussein of the Ministry of Oil and Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Ramadan of the University of Technology as a supervisors.

(The researcher concluded that the study focused on the application of the methods of( Geostatistics) of  al-mushrf  layer in the field of Nasiriyah for the purpose of distributing the petro physical characteristics after the knowledge of the rock types in the stratum and the necessary data were used and the first eight wells for the purpose of constriction  the geological model.

The probes were interpreted using( Interactive PetrophysicsV3.5). The interpretation process in this work begins by correcting the sensors and then learning about the (Shale Volume). A layer of Shale up to 10 meters in the center of the al –mushref  layer.

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