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Civil Engineering Department discusses MSc thesis about "Strength and behavior of composite concrete castellated steel beams"


Civil Engineering Department discussed MSc in structural engineering field for the student (Salah K. Bunyan) on 12/1/2020 and on the postgraduate studies hall in the department about his research tagged:-

"Strength and behavior of composite concrete castellated steel beams"


The discussion committee consisted of:-

1-Assist. Prof. Ihsan Saeb (president)

2- Assist. Prof. Dr. Ammar A. Ali (member)

3- Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohamed A. Alioui (member)

4- Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohammad J. Hammoud (member and supervisor)

5- Assist. Prof. Dr. Hussein A. Al-Quraish (member and supervisor)

The study aims at the behavior of complex crowned thresholds for ordinary concrete under the influence of an increased quadruple load over time. The practical part of this study involves manufacturing eight models of crowned thresholds so that one of them is solid without crowned and is considered as a source of comparison and other models were manufactured in different articulation ratios of (30%) To 50%) of the scientific results, it was found that all the variables that were taken into account (crowned ratios, concrete resistance and the ratio of shear to length in addition to the ratio of openings in the shear area) have a noticeable effect on the behavior of the models in different proportions.













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