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Civil Engineering awards masters for investigating some properties of effective powder concrete

Student Doaa Hassouni Nayef from the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Technology received a master’s degree for her research tagged

Investigations of some properties of effective recycled powders concrete containing waste material.

"Investigation Some Properties of Recycled Reactive Powder Concrete containing Waste Materials"

The purpose of this research is to study some properties of effective powder concrete containing local waste (recycled aggregate) in different proportions (20%, 40%, 60%, 80%) as a partial substitute for regular fine aggregate and super soft glass waste powder in different proportions (10). %, 20%, 30%) As a partial alternative to the silica fume condensate these properties include: operability, density in the fresh state, compression resistance, direct tension resistance, bending resistance, total absorption, density in the rigid state and dehydration contraction.

The results showed that the use of recycled fine aggregate with a small percentage leads to a very small decrease in resistance while the high percentages of recycled fine aggregate led to a very clear decrease in resistance so the best percentage was 40% of the soft recycled aggregate

And it is possible to produce effective powder concrete with compression resistance (140.31 MPA) bending resistance (27.94 MPA and direct tensile resistance (13.21 MPA) at the age of 28 days.

The discussion committee consisted of Prof. Maan Salman Hassan as Chairman and Prof. Dr. Zaid Ali Hassan as Member and Prof. Dr. Suhad Muhammad Abdul, Member, Prof. Shatha Sadiq Hassan, supervisor










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