Wednesday, 19 February 2020 10:14

Civil Engineering grants MSc about "Lead Solution Dispersion through Sandy Soil"

Civil Engineering Department at UOT granted MSc of health and environmental engineering for student Hussain Ali Assi for his research tagged:

"Investigation of Lead Solution Dispersion through Sandy Soil"

 The purpose of this study is to investigate the efficiency of wastes resulting from the water treatment process in drinking water supply systems in the treatment of groundwater and lead contaminated aquatic solutions.

The controlled removal method for removing lead in this waste is precipitation on the waste surface based on the properties analysis by FT-IR and SEM.

Observations of continuous flow tests showed that the lifetime of the barrier is lower the greater the flow rate and concentration, as well as when reducing the barrier thickness.

The discussion committee consisted of:-

- Prof. Dr. Ahmed A. Mohamed (the head).

- assist. Prof. Dr. Ghaida Y. Rashid (member)  

- assist. Prof. Dr. Salem H. Jassim (member)

- assist. Prof. Dr. Ayad A. Faisal (supervisor)

- assist. Prof. Dr. Saad F. Abbas (supervisor)






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