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The Department of Civil Engineering awards a Master's degree for "Behavior of a substrate model that is subject to horizontal loading in sandy soil"

The Department of Civil Engineering awarded the Master’s degree in Geotechnical Engineering for the student (Saif Hashem Hamid) on December 29, 2019 and on the postgraduate hall in the department for his research tagged:

"Behavior of substrate exposed to horizontal loading in sandy soil"

"Micropilebehavir in sandy soil under lateral load"


The discussion committee consisted of

 Prof. Falah Hassan Rahil, president-

Prof. Saad Fayek Abbas, member-

 expert, Dr. Ahmed Saad Ali, who is a member-

 Prof. Mohamed Abdel-Latif Mahmoud is a member and supervisor-

 Prof. Hussam Hikmat Baqer members and supervisor-

 This research provides an experimental work for individual minute substrates that have been introduced in dry river sand. An experimental work is carried out on models of substrates for simulating lateral load movement affecting the head of the substrate to illustrate a variety of behavior of the substrate due to the lateral load many factors are taken into account such as the ratio of length to diameter And the relative density of the soil.

For all forty-five models examined, the maximum positive bending torque occurs along the fine substrates near the middle, while the negative bending torque has evolved below the rotating point. Positive bending torque is observed in all tests and starts from the substrate head to the exact 400 mm and 500 mm in length, relative to the diameter 42 and 50, respectively.

The results were obtained from the laboratory examination of a substrate model as a statistical data. Computer program (Statistic) was used to create mathematical models for the maximum curvature and maximum lateral load as a function of the frequency of the side load. The ratio of the length to the diameter is the relative density of sand and time.


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