Wednesday, 19 February 2020 08:33

The Department of Civil Engineering awards a Master's degree for "Performance of Pozzolime Concrete with Waste"


 The Department of Civil Engineering granted a master’s degree in the field of Building Materials Engineering to the student (Riyam Saad Hadi) on 7/1/2020 and the postgraduate hall in the department for her research was tagged:

"Performance of Pozzolime concrete incorporating waste materials"


The discussion committee consisted of

 Prof. Qais Jawad Freih as president-

 Prof. Dr. Zeina Khudair Abbas as a member-

 Prof. Osama Abdel Amir Idan as a member-

Prof. Tareq Saleh Hadi is a member and supervisor-

 Prof. Basil Salah Mahdi member and supervisor-

The thesis aims to study the effect of a number of additives on the time of hardening of the Polzzoime, and work was done to produce lightweight Polzzoime concrete by partial replacement of fine aggregate with tire rubber waste.

The results showed that the inclusion of tire rubber waste in the Polzzoime concrete has resulted in a decrease in compressive strength, bending strength, static elasticity factor, dynamic elasticity coefficient, density and thermal conductivity. The benefit of using tire rubber waste is to produce lightweight concrete that depends on the proportion of rubber used.

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