Wednesday, 19 February 2020 06:50

The Department of Civil Engineering discusses a master's thesis on "Structural disposal of reinforced Pozzolimian concrete sills"


The Department of Civil Engineering discussed the Master's degree in the Structural Engineering major for the student (Russell Maher Rashid) on 9/1/2020 and the postgraduate hall in the department for her research is tagged:

"Structural behavior of reinforced Pozzolime concrete sills"

"Structural Behavior of Reinforced Pozzolime Concrete Beams"


The discussion committee consisted of

 Prof. Abbas Abdul Majeed Theban, President-

Prof. Dr. Nisreen Saleh Muhammad as a member-

3- prof. Saad Nouri, Saddgua-

 Prof. Tareq Saleh Hadi is a member and supervisor-

 Prof. Dr. Sarmad Shafiq Abdul Qadir, member and supervisor-

The study aims at an experimental study of the structural behavior of this concrete in flexion and shearing as a relatively new material. Many engineering properties are still not specified for the purpose of this study. Twelve armed thresholds were cast. Dimensions of the threshold models were 150x220x1500 mm. These thresholds were treated with water and then tested at the age of 56 days according to Four point bending system

The results indicate that the Pozzoliam has a behavior similar to the behavior of Portland cement under pressure stress and that most known international models have overestimated the actual E values ​​of the studied mixture. The Pozzolian concrete sills with different longitudinal reinforcement ratios failed in the area of ​​constant torque and their bearing capacity was similar to the theoretical failure strength


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