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The Department of Materials Engineering is discussing a Master thesis on manufacturing medical materials using electroplating technology

Student Heba Muthanna Abdul Qadir from the Department of Materials Engineering at the University of Technology obtained a master’s degree tagged: “Manufacturing of medical materials using electroplating technology ”                                                 

Synthesis of Bio-Medical Materials Using Electroless Deposition Technique

   The discussion committee consisted of: Hussein Alaa Jaber as President and Prof.Dr. Soha Ibrahim Abdul Latif from Diyala University and Dr. Shaima Mahdi Saleh, members and prof. Adel Khalil Mahmoud from Diyala University and Prof. Dr. Hanaa Arir Sameej Mishrifin, Prof. Dr. Muhtarhath Muhammad Kaman from Diyala University, scientifically evaluated, and M. Samir Ali Amin Yassin is a linguist, all of whom are from the University of Technology.




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