Thursday, 23 January 2020 07:21

The Department of Laser Engineering awards a master's degree in hybrid polymers to a nanoscale superposition of high refractive index contact lenses

The Department of Laser and Optical Electronics Engineering at the University of Technology awarded the master's degree to the student Lina Mohamed Shaker on her tagged message (Hybrid polymers of nanocomposite for high refractive index contact lenses).

The results showed that (PMMA-Tio₂) is the best material for the manufacture of contact lenses and the effect of deformation was verified by using nanoparticles. The highest refractive index and the best Abi number were obtained with a concentration of 01.0 w / v. All evaluation criteria showed that eye vision improved with the use of the lens Concentration of 01,0 w / v The highest contrast was obtained in the MTF function, the highest inclination value in the aggregated power scheme, the smallest spot size, and the best clarity of the image formed on the grid.

The discussion committee consisted of Prof. Dr. Khaled Ajami Sukkar from the University of Technology as Chairman Prof.Dr. Mazen Ali Abd Ali from Al-Mustansiriya University Prof. Makram Abdel-Muttalib Fakhry from the University of Technology as a members Prof. Dr. Hadi Abdel Moneim And Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdel Amir Hussein, supervisors, who are from the University of Technology,Prof. Dr. Bassam Ghaleb Rashid from the University of Al-Nahrain, the scientific rectifier, and Prof.Dr. Jasim Kazem Hammoud from the University of Technology as a linguist.


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