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Electrical Engineering Department grants MSc. about designing and implementing a transducer with interlocking voltage lifters

A student (Karar Saad Faraj) granted MSc. from Electrical Engineering Department at UOT for his thesis: (Design and implementation of an interlocking transformer to raise voltages based on the applications of photovoltaic systems) in the discussion that took place in the department hall in the department

The discussion committee consisted of:

- assist. Prof. Dr. Fadil Abbas Jumaa / the head

 -  assist. Prof. Dr. Ina'amIbrahim Ali / member

-  assist. Prof. Dr. Fadel Abbas Hassan / Member

- Dr. Jasim Farhood Hussain / supervisor and member

In this thesis, it has been applied to dual coils DC-DC boosters interfering IBC. In addition to, HSU DC-DC IBC was done by incorporating a proposed additional coil used to reset magnetic flux during the operation of the transformer.

A detailed analysis (by math and simulation) was performed to investigate the benefits of HSU DC-DC IBC, compared to IBC paired files and conventional IBC (IBC) files. Computer simulations were performed using MATLAB / SIMULINK PWM was set based on the Perturb & Observe (P&O) algorithm used for maximum power tracking. (MPPT).

The results of the analysis and simulation showed that around the HSU DC-DC IBC is superior in terms of voltage gain, reduction of ripples in the input and output current and voltage, voltage drop across the switches as well as improving efficiency.



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