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Master Thesis in the Department of Computer Science suggests a method for developing web applications

The student Hussein Qutaiba Abdul-Azim received his master’s degree from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Technology for his tagged message:

. (Suggest a web test method for developing web applications)

This thesis proposed a system for testing websites, this system focuses on two main branches, namely, performance test and function (link) test. Performing testing is based on important elements called response time and request time. Two response elements can determine if the web application performs poorly. For a link test, many websites have links that have problems. These affect the accuracy and reliability of the information quality and any of the services related to the site. Despite serious efforts over the years, achieving the required level of link integrity remains an open challenge, so the proposed system can be used to clarify and solve this challenge and provide a technique for measuring the ability of links, easy accessibility, and seamless navigation between web pages.

By implementing the proposed system in two stages, the results of the first stage showed that if user test requests take more time than specified in the global standards, the load test for web application is bad. The upload test method was implemented on five local and global websites, and after drawing the results, it was found that the number of users and internet speed play a major role in response time. Whereas, the second stage (correlation test) was applied to six websites and the results showed that the site contains many links collected by two elements called driver, some of them are good and some are bad, and each link has its own status description.

The discussion committee formed in the discussion hall in the department consisted of Prof.D. Sakina Hassan Hashem and Dr. Muhammad Natiq Fadel from the University of Technology and Prof.Dr. Abdulkarim Oklah from the University College Isra and Prof. Rehab Falih Hassan and Prof. Dr. Rahim Abdul-Saheb eat honorable

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