Thursday, 16 January 2020 06:52

 Control Engineering Department discusses M.Sc.thesis about Designing a System for Object Recognition,Tracking,and Behavior Analysis

M.Sc student from Control Engineering Department specializing in computer engineering at UOT, Sajidah S.Mahmoud, discussed her thesis tagged

 ((Designing a System for Object Recognition, Tracking, and Behavior Analysis))

The researcher discussed how to create two algorithms for computer-based traffic monitoring systems, the first algorithm adopts classic methods and procedures for image processing, while the second relies on a deep learning method based on the artificial neural network.

The discussion committee consisted of:-

- Assist. Prof.Dr Intisar Abdul Majeed (the head).

- Assist. Prof.Dr. Ashwaq Talib Hashem (member)

- Ahmed Mazhar Hassan  (member) .

- Assist. Prof.Dr. Leth Jassem Saud (supervisor).

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