Wednesday, 15 January 2020 09:36

The Department of Control Engineering discusses a master's thesis on designing and implementing a turbo encoder for digital application

Master's student Maha Ahmed Falih from the Department of Control and Systems Engineering at the University of Technology, Computer Engineering, discussed her thesis tagged:

"Design and implementation of turbo encoder for application in digital systems"

(Design and Implementation of Turbo Encoder / Decoder for Digital Systems)

The researcher dealt with the design and implementation of a turbo code used to detect and correct errors generated through communication channels to ensure that the information arrived correctly. In this work, the speed of information processing was increased and a productivity of 9,3 gigabytes was achieved by processing 16 bits within one second using a mathematical method called state space

The discussion committee consisted of: Dr.Prof. Saleh Mahdi Al-Qarawi as President and Prof.Dr. Muthanna Hajim Hamad and Dr. Ikhlas Kazem Hamza members and.Prof. Qusay Fadel Hassan supervisor.

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