Thursday, 05 December 2019 06:34

The Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Technology discusses a master thesis entitled a new technique for desulfurization of heavy crude oil

Master's student Yousra Ali Abdel-Khader discussed her tagged letter:

A Novel Technique for Sulfur Removal from the Petroleum Heavy Oils))

(New technique for desulfurization of heavy crude oil)

The discussion was held at Dar Al Salam Hall in the Department of Chemical Engineering / University of Technology on 13/11/2019, where the discussion committee consisted of: Prof. Ahmed Daham as Chairman, Prof. Dr. Adel Sherif Member, Prof. Dr. Intisar Hussein Member and under the supervision of: Prof. Taleb Mohammed.

In this study, the student explained how to remove the sulfur from the real heavy crude oil with a sulfur content (5.8%) for the oil of the Halfaya oil field in southern Iraq using caustic soda process and with the help of sodium hydroxide. Sulfur (wt%), the most influential factors on the desulphurization process were determined.



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