Wednesday, 04 December 2019 10:13

Applied Science grants Amal A. Ibrahim MSC degree about Applications of magic squares in geometric combinatorics”"

Amal A.Ibrahim obtained a master's degree for her thesis ” Applications of magic squares in geometric combinatorics" in Applied Mathematics.

The discussion committee concluded of D. Saad Naji Ali / Applied Mathematics as Chairman of the Committee and Dr. Areej Musab Abdel-Daim / Mathematics , M. Sama Fouad Ibrahim / specialization encryption as members and Dr. Shatha Asad Salman / specialization geometric combinatorics as supervisor.

The aim of the work is to study the magic square together with magic cubes and its applications in geometric combinatorics. Some methods for constructing magic square and magic cubes are given.

   A Proof for an open problem that ʺ2-way transportation polytopes is Hamiltonian graph ʺis introduced.

   An answer for the question that ʺif it is possible to constructing 33 magic square of square with different integers ʺ, is proved, the proof of this theorem was in two phases, by using the Gauss theorem.

   A another theorem for magic square that refer if there is possibility to generate 3×3 semi magic square using positive cubed integer is introduced.

Application for magic square is given with an algorithm for constructing magic square which is water retention application using magic square.



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