Wednesday, 20 November 2019 09:02

The Department of Materials Engineering at the University of Technology awarded a master's degree to the student Nada Kazem Hawi for her tagged thesis (the effect of adding molecules on some properties of acrylic resin for denture base material).

"the Effeet of Natural Partieles on some Properties of Acrylie Resin Denture Base Material"

The research dealt with the definition of polyethylene methyl acrylate resin, which is widely used in the manufacture of denture base (partial and full), with its low resistance to shock and fatigue, so several studies have been conducted to address this problem, including the current study in which overlapping materials composed of polyethylmethacrylate resin as a material Basis evaluated in minutes of powdered natural material (pistachio peel) micro (which was chemically treated with (5%) of sodium hydroxide to increase the binding with the foundation before being used as a reinforcing powder), which was added at different rates of granular sizes (53, 106, 150, 212 (Micron, and weight percentages) 3%, 6%, 9%, 12%) p Straight to me. Several tests were conducted to assess the properties of the superposed material, including mechanical and physical tests as well as other tests (Miscibility and Morphology Tests).

The results showed the following values ​​of tensile strength, percentage of elongation at fracture, bending resistance, shock resistance and surface roughness, they decreased when reinforced with pistachio husk powder, while elasticity coefficient, bending coefficient, density and water absorption increased with increasing weight percentages of pistachio husk powder. However, the values ​​of hardness and compressive strength will increase with increasing the weight of the pistachio husk powder added to all the granular volumes used and reaching the highest values ​​at the weight ratio (9%) but will decrease after that percentage. The results of the infrared test showed that there is no deviation of the peaks or new peaks of the overlapping samples by adding pistachio husks powder. Pistachios suggest a transition from brittle to semi-elongated behavior. The results were statistically discussed using a computer program (SPSS) to determine the most effective values ​​on the properties of pure methyl acrylate.

The discussion committee consisted of Prof. Intisar Jamil Ismail from the Faculty of Isra University and Chairman Ahmed Fadel Hamza from the University of Babylon, Mayada Shanan Abdul members, Prof. Jawad Kazem Alaiwi and Prof. Qahtan Adnan Hamad supervisors are from the University of Technology and Prof. Ammar Ali Hussein of the Central Technical University as a scientific component and Lec. Mayada Rahim Issa as a linguist.




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