Sunday, 17 November 2019 06:13

Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department grants MSc to the student (Hiba S. Qasim) about her thesis that entitled "The study of the impact of various electrolytic solutions on surface roughness and rate of metal removal in electrochemical operation"

The abstract included electrochemical operation, called a type of non-classical operation, which uses chemical reaction with the help of electric current to remove the metal.

The committee was:-

1- Assist. Prof. Dr. Saad K. Shather from UOT (the head)

2- Assist.Prof. Dr. Wathiq I. Mahdi from Karbala University (Member)

3- Dr. Samar S. Hussein UOT (Member)

4- Assist.Prof. Dr Suha K. Shihab University of Diyala (scientific advisor)

5- Prof. Samir A. Amin (linguistic advisor)



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