Sunday, 17 November 2019 06:00
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The Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Technology awarded Ph.D. student Ali Nouri Karim for his thesis entitled: (Improving the performance of optical communication systems using the technique of multiplexing by orthogonal frequency division based on the use of FPGA).

The discussion committee, which was held at the Dijla Hall in the section, consisted of: Prof. Raad Hamdan Zaher as Chairman, Prof. Hadi Tarish Zboun, Prof. Ahmed Ghanem Wadi, Prof. Salah El-Din Adnan Taha and Prof. Alaa Hussein Ali members, Prof. Sinan Maged Abdel Sattar and Prof. Mohamed Abd El Reda Hussein supervisors.

The researcher came up with a modified technique (MCT) in the IM / DD-OOFDM system that was proposed to reduce the PAPR values. The new technology MCT is based on both A and قانوني laws with the definition of a new coefficient in order to keep the input and output signals at processing at the same average power level. MCT technology gives a good decrease in PAPR with low computational complexity.


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