Thursday, 25 April 2019 08:56

Computer Sciences Department at University of Technology grants MSC to the student Asmaa Abdullah for her thesis "Authentication System Based on Hand Writing Recognition"

The researcher showed that Authentication is one of the most important information security objectives that aim to protect certain properties from illegal access.   Handwritten words have retained its place and the problems of identification and authentication of the writers have been an active area of research over the past few years. Compared to the electronic or printed text, the handwritten words carry additional information about the personality of the person who has written. In this thesis a proposed authentication system based on combining Arabic word handwritten recognition and visual cryptography.

The discussion committee chaired by Prof.Dr.Matheel Emadaldeen, Asst.Prof.Dr.Rana Fareed from University of Technology and Asst.Prof.Dr.Shaker Kadhim from University of Thiqar as members, Asst.Prof.Dr.Alyaa Kareem and Lect.Dr.Bashar Sadoon as supervisors.   







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