Thursday, 25 April 2019 08:05

Production and materials engineering department at the university of technology grants MSC to the student Gwan Yassen for her thesis "The effect of calcination on the failure of blades of electric fans"The results showed an improvement in the calcination of the metal used after laser pelleting and laser slapping compared with the base metal. After 20 minutes of pellet tossing, the pellet level was 220 MPa higher than the metal weight after pelleting of the pellets for 10 and 30 minutes. However, 240 MPa is higher than the laser cutoff with two hits and three multiples. This improvement in the weight of the bucket attests to the decay in the macrophages due to the effect of the corrosive environment in addition to the periodic loads.The discussion committee chaired by Prof.Dr.Hussein Jassim , Asst.Prof.Dr.Ali Akbar from University of Technology and Asst.Prof.Dr.Sarmad Talib from University of Al-Nahreen as members, Asst.Prof.Dr.Sami Ibrahim from University of Technology as supervisor, Asst.Prof.Dr.Falah Kefi from University of Babil as scientific reviewer and Asst.Prof.Dr.Farooq Lutfi from University of Technology as a linguistic reviewer.    



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