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Braun Ibrahim Khadabakhsh obtained her master's degree from the Department of Applied Sciences at the University of Technology for her thesis entitled:

 "About Data Domination Sets"

Hegemony was widely studied in data theory. In this letter, a new type of related hegemony, called "hegemony of the tadpole", was introduced. The subset of the set of headers connected to G is said to be the dominant group of stratigraphy, if it is a dominant group, and constitutes the body of the rhetorical statement. Some limits could be obtained for the trigeminal control number (measuring the least triglyceride group in the statement) in any statement. Sometimes, it may be necessary to double units or links to expand the network or increase production efficiency at the lowest possible cost.

The study also examined the effect of change on the number of stratigraphic dominance in these networks. In this letter, the number of tigers' dominance was determined for any statement after multiplying the size of the statement or doubling its size.

The main conclusion of this thesis is that if the extended statement (doubling each head by edge) has this type of hegemony, the original statement has a "Hamilton track" and vice versa. The effect of altering the "hegemony of the tadpole" was examined, when the statement was modified, by deleting or adding an edge, where the increase, decrease, and no increase or decrease were identified for this number, in case of deletion or addition. Some of the fundamental conditions for this change have been established in hegemony. A new, limited, simple, unguided, offline statement, called the "Histogram", was also presented. Targum's dominance of this statement was calculated with other families of the data.

The discussion committee consisted of Prof. Nadia Mohammed of the University of Technology as President of the University of Technology, Ahmed Abdul Ali of Babylon University, and M. Hassan Geyad of Nahrain University.





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