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A student of computer science grant a PHD

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Ahmed Abdul-Zahra Shakara received a PhD from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Technology for his thesis entitled:

Expansion the Small Video Motion

The researcher explained that the system of expanding the movement of small video plays two main functions. The first is to detect small movements in the video. The second is the expansion of these movements for the purpose of extracting information, including (information extraction).

Motion detection was performed in three ways: first motion is detected using the difference between frames video technique. The problem with this method is the unstable background of video images. The second method was found to solve the unstable background of the video images. Face tracing, which is an object tracking technique, was used before motion detection technology.

Object tracking techniques can be used to track an object's movements in any region, not just to track facial area movements, such as the movement of birds. The method of tracking the face has the ability to detect movements from the facial area only, but is unable to detect movements from the rest of the human body.

The third method was found to solve the previous problems by isolating the background and focusing on the movement area only. Skin separation, which is one of the techniques of color space, was used before the motion detection technique. The color space techniques can be used to isolate any area of ​​the movements from their surroundings, not just the skin area such as plane movement in the sky.

 The discussion committee was set up in the discussion room in the annex building of the department of Prof. Abdel-Mohsen Gaber, Prof. Shaima Hameed, and Prof. Maysa Abdel Ali, they are from the University of Technology / Computer Science Department, Ban Nadim from Nahrain University / Faculty of Science Abdulwahab Sami from Mustansiriya University / Faculty of Education and Student Supervisor Yousra Hussein Ali.




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