Monday, 18 March 2019 07:20

Dr. Ahmed Latif Jasm,  from Department of Control and Systems Engineering at the University of Technology, received a master's degree in the field of control engineering for his tagged thesis (a simplified German network similar to a proportional control of the integrative control of nonlinear systems)

The research involved an inverse control strategy using a simplified neural network frequency of nonlinear dynamic systems and as an improvement to a previously published modified reproducible network using the proposed structure as a reverse intelligent controller similar to a differential integrative proportional control. More precisely in the suggested structure, weights of equal to one were used between the state and hidden layers of the structure In the original study, this study completed the proposed structure with better results in terms of control performance and speed of execution compared to other controls.

The discussion committee consisted of: :Prof. Mona Hadi Saleh as President.Prof. Mohammed Jassim Mohammed and Prof. Firas Abdul Razzaq Rahim as a members and Prof. Omar Farouk Latifi supervisor





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